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Our Vision

Every child deserves a chance to be successful and a great education ensures that.  With the rapidly changing global business landscape, it is unclear what jobs our students will need to apply for twenty years from now.  However, we do know that the students who have developed multi skill sets like PROBLEM SOLVING, EMPATHY and GRIT will be successful.  Our Vision underpins these skills into our teaching and learning.  Through the promotion of POSITIVE LEARNING ATTITUDES and a GROWTH MINDSET, we strive to develop skills, ambition, confidence, care, respect and tolerance in our students in order to prepare and enable them to become lifelong learners, take an active role in their communities, shape the future and become well-rounded citizens.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment where our students and faculty feel welcomed, appreciated, respected and trusted. We promote ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE by providing a rich and progressive technological environment to explore new horizons beyond the traditional modes of schooling. Technology enables students to be active participants in their own learning, and helps develop a strong sense of RESPONSIBILITY towards themselves, each other and the community.

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