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TSS Difference

Mode of Communication

Our language of instruction is English but an emphasis on National language (Urdu) also has an equal impetus.  At TSS, we strongly feel that to develop well-rounded individuals, we need to not only focus on an international language but also maintain a deep connection to their roots.

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Beyond the Classroom

Our beyond the classroom initiatives are an integral part of school life and student learning at TSS.  Opportunities are wide in scope, and allow students to discover and develop individual talents and passions - whether sporting, intellectual, creative or service related.  Interactive activities at TSS campuses bring our students together, encourage the development of skills that facilitate success in group or team environments, and allow them  to be successful outside the classroom.

Whether  in the cultural, artistic, scientific, sports or recreational field, your child will have a place of choice, and will be in contact with qualified teachers, who know how to share and pass on their passion.

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Teaching Pedagogy at TSS

STEM at TSS is taught through an engaging interdisciplinary approach that integrates the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Unlike traditional teaching models where these subjects are taught independently, TSS supports our students' natural curiosity and creativity and helps them understand how each discipline is connected and related in the real world.

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Digital Literacy

In today's world, literacy has evolved beyond its basic definition of knowing how to read and write.  Everyone is required to know how to process, deliver and receive information in today's highly digitalized world.  We balance digital learning with traditional work with paper and pencils.  We ensure that students are digitally literate with the latest technologies but keep a balance with hands-on learning!

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